High Speed

Rural Internet

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 Finally! Truly high speed internet in rural America!  


Unlike other LTE Internet Service Providers, we chose a full sized modem with a fully managed network system so we can give amazing technical support such as:

  • See your modem's performance online! 

  • Diagnose connection issues!

  • Reset or change your password!

  • Rebuild your connection!

  • Update Firmware and more!

You won't find another LTE Internet Service Provider out there that will provide the level of support that we do!

  • Up to 60 mbps download

  • Up to 30 mpbs upload

  • Low Latency!​​

  • Full sized modem, not a hot spot!

  • Connect multiple devices​

  • Web browsing, sending & receiving emails​

  • VPN capable

  • Great for work at home!*

  • Great for school at home!*

  • Gaming (gaming consoles allowed)*​

  • Streaming Video (Smart TVs, Firestick, Roku)*​

  • No credit check, no contracts and free shipping!


Start up Package


  • Modem

  • First month's service

  • One time set up fee

Money back guarantee!

Please note:  Our premium plans allow for more gaming/streaming, but this is not unlimited and it will not replace a TV entertainment service or allow too many large downloads.  This is a consumer line with no uptime guarantee.  Please read full ToS before using to run a business.





The Showdown!

  • Up to 60mbps download!

  • Up to 30mbps upload!

  • Low Latency!

  • VPN Capable

  • Works in bad weather!

  • 300-750 gig data limit!

  • No Contracts!

  • Mobile! Take it anywhere!

  • No ugly dish on your house!

  • No Installation!

  • Starting at $124.99 per month!

  • Up to 25mbps download!

  • Up to 3mbps upload!

  • High Latency!

  • Not VPN Capable

  • Goes out in bad weather!

  • 25-50 gig data limits!

  • 24 month contract!

  • Stationary!

  • BIG ugly dish on your house!

  • Messy Installation!

  • $149.99 per month

       info from satelliteinternet.com


This isn't satellite...  it's better!


Getting started is as easy as...

Step One:
Choose your Network!

With 3 to choose from, we're sure to have you covered!

Check the coverage maps to see which network has the best coverage in your location!

Choose your Network!

3 to choose from!

Step Two: 
Choose your plan!

In the Product page, you'll pick your plan.  We have 2 to choose from, so you can get right one for your family!

Basic is 350 gigs per month!*
Premium is 750 gigs per month!

* read full details on product page

Choose your plan!

Basic or Premium

Step Three:
Check out! 

Yes, it's really that simple!

Your device will arrive in 5-7 business days* and you'll be online in no time!

Check out!

You'll be online in no time!

Choose the right network for your location!

Our services run off the largest LTE Networks in America!


Largest Network in America!*

Check Coverage!


Second Largest Network*

Check Coverage!


3rd Largest Network in America!*

Check Coverage!

Please check coverage maps carefully and order service based on coverage for your area.   If you order the wrong network, no biggie, but you'll have to wait for renewal or pay for a new line on the new network. 

* Coverage claims based on Open Signal 2021 awards.


BYOD is Here!

We now offer Bring Your Own Device available on Red, Pink and Blue networks.  

Love your Ladybug Internet or your money back!


We've got Answers!

Still have questions?

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*Prices do not include taxes & fees.  If we could get out of that, we would!