High Speed

Rural Internet


per month

 Finally! Truly high speed internet in rural America!  

Unlike other LTE Internet Service Providers, we chose a full sized modem with a fully managed network system so we can give amazing technical support such as:

  • See your modem performance online! 

  • Diagnose connection issues!

  • Reset or change your password!

  • Rebuild your connection!

  • Update Firmware and more!

You won't find another LTE Internet Service Provider out there that will provide the level of support that we do!

  • Up to 60 mbps download

  • Up to 30 mpbs upload

  • Low Latency!​​

  • Full sized modem, not a hot spot!

  • Connect multiple devices​

  • Web browsing, sending & receiving emails​

  • VPN capable

  • Great for work at home!

  • Great for school at home!

  • Gaming (gaming consoles allowed)*​

  • Streaming Video (Smart TVs, Firestick, Roku)*​

  • 400 Gig Data Limit!

  • No credit check, no contracts and free shipping!


Start up Package


  • Modem

  • First month's service

  • One time set up fee

Money back guarantee!


*Please note:  If you game more than 2-3 hours a day, you may go over.  Downloads over 50gigs is prohibited.   

*Streaming a 2-3 hours a day in SD is fine, but this will not replace an entertainment service.




The Showdown!

  • Up to 60mbps download!

  • Up to 30mbps upload!

  • Low Latency!

  • VPN Capable

  • Works in bad weather!

  • 400 gig data limit!

  • No Contracts!

  • Mobile! Take it anywhere!

  • No ugly dish on your house!

  • No Installation!

  • 94.99 per month!

  • Up to 25mbps download!

  • Up to 3mbps upload!

  • High Latency!

  • Not VPN Capable

  • Goes out in bad weather!

  • 25-50 gig data limits!

  • 24 month contract!

  • Stationary!

  • BIG ugly dish on your house!

  • Messy Installation!

  • 149.99 per month

       info from satelliteinternet.com

This isn't satellite...  it's better!

Available nationwide!


Love your Ladybug Internet or your money back!

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*Prices do not include taxes & fees.  If we could get out of that, we would!