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The Ladybug Story

A few years ago, I moved to rural Texas to take care of elderly parents.  I had lived my whole life in big cities, so it was a huge shock to me that I could not get decent internet.  After dealing with bad customer service, bad connections, drops and outages, I started searching for a better way, but there really was nothing else available.  So, in July 2018 I opened Ladybug Wireless to provide reliable high speed internet to rural customers.

Ladybug Wireless is not a spin off of another company, but independently owned and operated right here in North Texas.  We're not a big company, but we take advantage of the same technology that the big companies use.  Our services ride the backbone of the largest, most powerful networks in America and we've negotiated the best prices and shared them with you.   


We use one of the largest customer service platforms in the world, so you can manage your account anytime from anywhere, safely & securely.


We have worked hard to make setting up our service so simple your granny could do it and we are always here to answer questions and help out.  We're on a mission to humanize technology and bridge the digital divide, so whether you're a cowboy or city slicker, we can hook you up!


Welcome to Ladybug Wireless!  Here you're family and we'll always treat you right!


Shay Portman                                                                                                                               


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