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Ladybug Pink

Riding the nations fastest network, Pink offers the best speeds, however, the coverage is not as large as Blue or Red.  There are no speed caps on Pink and both the basic and premium plan will work fine on 4g or 5g devices.

Ladybug Pink Basic Plan- $124.99

This has up to 30 gigs per day or 300 gigs a month.  This plan great for small families who do not game or stream a lot.  Allows for light streaming and gaming, but no big video game downloads or updates.

3Rectangle 600x700.png

Ladybug Pink Premium Plan- $179.99

This has up to 700 gigs per month.  This plan is better for larger families or those who stream more and/or play games. It does not have a hard daily cap, but large downloads can violate the fair use, so keep video game updates spread out.

* To get 5g speeds you must use a 5g device and be within a 5g service area. 

Please note: There are different kinds of 5g and each will perform differently.

Pick your Device!

Now that you know which plan you want, you need to choose your device!   Devices increase in speed and quality as you move up in category.  We now offer 4 devices for you to choose from based on your needs!

Put the device you want in the cart and during check out, use the dropdown menu to select the plan you've chosen as well as your shipping options!

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