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Ladybug Red

Riding the nation's largest 4g/5g network, Red offers amazing coverage.  However, Red does still separate their 4g/5g service plans.   The basic plan can run on both 4g or 5g devices, but the premium plan will only run on 5g devices.   

Ladybug Red Basic Plan Details- $139.99

300 gig hard data cap.  It's great for small families who need work/school from home.  Light gaming or streaming.   This will work in most carrier approved devices.  Speeds in a 4g device will average around 25-30mbps down and 10-20 up. Speeds in a 5g device can be as high as 100mbps down and 10-20 up.

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Ladybug Red Premium Plan Details- $219.99

No hard data cap, so great for gamers and streamers.   This plan is made for a 5g device and speeds can be as high as 100mbps down and 10-20 up.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, this plan will only work in a carrier approved 5g device.  At this time all we have to offer is the Peplink Max 5g device.  We're working on a lower cost option. 

* To get 5g speeds you must use a 5g device and be within a 5g service area. 

Please note: There are different kinds of 5g and each will perform differently.

Pick your Device!

Now that you know which plan you want, you need to choose your device!  We now offer 4 devices for you to choose from based on your needs!   Devices increase in speed and quality as you move up in category. 

Put the device you want in the cart and during check out, use the drop down menu to select the plan you've chosen as well as your shipping options!

Red Ladybug
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