Questions & Answers

How does the internet service work? 

Like ladybugs, cellular signal is just about everywhere.   Our modem connects to the cellular signal and that connects you to the internet.  This is not satelite, cable, a fixed wireless or dsl.   This will not affect your current cell phone plan nor do you have to have a cell phone with us to use it.  (But you can bundle your cell phone and internet with us to save some money!)

What speeds can I expect? 

The average speeds are 15-30mbps down, 8-13mpbs up and an average ping of 30ms.   Some people will experience much higher than that, some less.  Since it's all based on proximity and strength of the signal you can receive at your home, we cannot guarantee speeds.  

Is it really unlimited? ​

It is unlimited internet access, but please note: this is mobile data and as such, it is not designed to replace a TV/Entertainment service.   Streaming must be done in SD, and you are responsible for setting your devices to the proper settings.  If you stream more than a few hours a day, you may need to get a TV service.  The carriers reserve the right to refuse service to those who abuse the service.  Please  help us continue to offer this great service by being considerate of your usage.   If you need a business account, please call us at 833-4-LADYBUG.

So what is considered abuse?

Anyone who consistently uses more than the average, uses it for illegal purposes, torrent sharing/downloading, hosting servers, unattended process, uses it to heckle/abuse/harass other people and more.  Pretty much if you have to ask if you should be doing that, chances are you should not!   

So what carrier do you buy from?

Because we buy in bulk, we can't use the carriers logos. Our internet service runs on the 2 largest GSM networks. However, our phone services will run on all of the 4 biggest, strongest networks in America.  We let them maintain the network while we focus on taking care of you!

Is the service secure?

It is just as secure as dsl, cable, satelite or any other ISP.   The modem has standard WPA2 encryption to keep your connection safe.  We highly recommend you use a 10 digit or longer password comprised of letters, digits and symbols to keep your connection safe.

How long does it take to get set up?

We keep the LTE modem in stock and orders go out with in 24 hours of payment clearing.  We ship USPS and you should have your items within a few days.   Usually our customers are online within a few minutes of opening the box.  Special order items takes 7-10 business days to arrive.

How hard is it to install?

Easy peasy.  Really.  We put the sim card in the modem and provision it before we ship it to you.  You just have to call us to activate the service and then take it out of the box and plug it in.  Average setup time is under 20 minutes!   We're with you step by step and always here to help or answer questions! 

What if this doesn't work for me?

Well, it won't be for lack of trying, but that's why we have the 7 day trial period.   If we can't get it working for you, we have a full refund policy.  CLICK HERE TO SEE REFUND POLICY