Questions about our Internet Service

How does the internet service work? 

Like ladybugs, cellular signal is just about everywhere.   Our modem connects to the cellular signal and that connects you to the internet.  This is not satellite, cable, a fixed wireless or dsl.   This will not affect your current cell phone plan nor do you have to have a cell phone with us to use it.  (But you can now get cell phone service with us too!)

What is the difference between Red, Pink and Blue? 

The difference between Red, Pink and Blue is the network they use.  Red & Blue Networks often have better coverage in rural areas that are far from towns or major interstates and will experience less congestion in crowded places.  Please check the maps carefully and make sure you have coverage at your location.  Examples of Pink GSM carriers are T Mobile, Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Metro PCS.  Samples of Blue GSM carriers are AT&T and Cricket.  Samples of Red CDMA Carriers are Visible, Verizon, & Page Plus.

What if I order the wrong plan? 

If you order the wrong plan, it's not the end of the world.  You'll just have to order a new line on the other network! 

What kind of speeds can I expect? 

The average speeds are 20-30mbps down, 8-13mpbs up and an average ping of 35-55ms.   Some people will experience much higher than that, some less.  Since it's all based on proximity and strength of the signal you can receive in your home, we cannot guarantee speeds.  

What is the data limit? 

We now have 4 plans, each with their own data limits.  Please read the plan descriptions carefully before purchasing.  Our basic plans are great for small families who don't stream a lot or game.   Our premium plans are better for larger families and allow for more streaming and some gaming.

Can I game? 

Light gaming and non data intensive games played on a tablet or pc are usually fine.   Gaming consoles are not light gaming and we do not recommend them to be used on the basic plans and used with care on the premium plans.   They often have large game updates and if you play on live servers, can use lots of data fast.   

Can I stream? 

Light streaming is fine on the basic plan.  If you stream on multiple devices or for hours a day, we recommend the premium plan.  We still recommend that you stream in 480p as this is what the carriers ask and it will conserve data.  This service, even premium, won't support HD or higher streaming.   

What happens if I use too much? 

If you go over your limits, depending on your plan, your service may be slowed down or temporarily suspended.  If you get suspended by the carrier, it's no big deal, but there are no refunds.  You can wait for reset or you can buy a new sim card and pay for another 30 days service and we'll reinstate you, subject to availability.  This will change your service dates. 


Also we're happy to work with you to check your settings and correct them, but we'll only do this once.  Ultimately you are responsible for managing your usage and teaching your children to use responsibly.   Excessive use is usually caused by too much streaming (even in SD), streaming in HD or downloading/updating big games files.  This is easy to avoid and easy to keep track of in your device.  

If you need more data, you can have as many lines as you need to accommodate your usage, subject to availability. 

So what is considered abuse?

Uses it for illegal purposes, torrent sharing/downloading, hosting servers, unattended process, uses it to heckle/abuse/harass other people, illegal software hacks, and more.  Pretty much if you have to ask if you can do it, then chances are you should not!    

Is it secure? 

It is just as secure as dsl, cable, satelite or any other ISP.   The modem has standard WPA2 encryption to keep your connection safe.  We highly recommend you use a 10 digit or longer password comprised of letters, digits and symbols to keep your connection safe.

Can I use this for work and school? 

Yes, you can, but keep in mind this is a consumer line and there are no guarantees of uptime, speed or error free service.  We are not responsible for missed work or school and we don't compensate for downtime.  The service is sold as is because for something we rely on so heavily now, the internet is actually very fragile and goes down regularly for reasons beyond our control. For example, a Back Hoe Joe can cut a line digging a ditch and knock out multiple counties, a nut bag can bomb the carrier (12-25-2020) and knock multiple states off line, mistakes made at carrier level and/or equipment failure and really, just too many to list.  

If your business relies on the internet, we suggest you talk to our Business Solutions team and get some failover in place.  It's a given, no matter the kind of connection you have, lte, dsl, cable, fiber, it's going to have issues at some point and if your business can't afford that, then you need a plan in place for when it does.  

How hard is it to install? 

Easy peasy.  Really.  We put the sim card in the modem and provision it before we ship it to you.  You just have to call us to activate the service and then take it out of the box, attach the antennas and plug it in.  Average setup time is under an hour! The hardest part will be finding the best place to put the device to get good signal, but we walk you through it step by step and always here to help or answer questions! 

Why do I have to buy the modem upfront? 

Well, two reasons really. The upside of prepaid is no contracts, no commitment, no credit checks, the down side is you have to own your own equipment.   Our services run off LTE, so a modem from your old internet company most likely won't work because it uses a different technology to connect. 

I have a 4g LTE device, can I use it?

Unfortunately, we're no longer offering BYOD service.  It is too difficult to support devices we didn't sell and it was very frustrating for the customer and us. 

Will this work in an RV? 

Absolutely!  We have lots of full time RVers who love their Ladybug.  As long as there's LTE signal, you'll have service, no matter where you go in the USA!  We recommend the Blue network for RV as there may be better coverage off major highways and less congestion in big cities or crowded campgrounds.

How do I manage my account and pay my bill? 

It's easy! Ladybug Wireless is proud to be a digital company and almost 100% green! We don't print and mail bills, nor do we accept bills in the mail.  When you sign up for our service, you'll be set up on auto draft, but don't panic! You'll get reminders 5 days before we draft your account and you'll have 24/7 access to manage your account via the website.  

Your service starts the day your device is delivered, so please don't dilly dally in going through the setup process.   We bill on 30 day increments and we'll run your card about 3 days before the service runs out so we have time to fix payment issues without having a lapse in service. 

How long does it take to get the service? 

We keep the LTE modem in stock and orders go to fulfillment with in 24 hours of payment clearing and items usually ship within 1-2 business days from then.  Free shipping is UPS ground, which can take up to 5 day and usually our customers are online within a few minutes of opening the box.  


Special order items takes 4-7 business days to arrive.  They are pushed to fulfillment within 24 hours of the payment clearing and will be shipped direct from the distribution center either USPS, UPS or Fed Ex.  

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Covid 19 crisis, it can take up to 10 business days to set up new service.   We appreciate your patience and understanding as fulfillment, delivery, and activation times can affected by Covid restrictions, new trade agreements and an overwhelming demand for service.

Accessories can also be delayed and free shipping is UPS/FedEx/USPS ground, so please allow time.  If you'd like expedited shipping, we can upgrade it to 2-3 day for 25.00. 

What if this doesn't work for me? 

Well, it won't be for lack of trying, but that's why we have the 7 day trial period.   If we can't get it working for you, we have a refund policy.  CLICK HERE TO SEE REFUND POLICY.