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First, I know it sounds trite, but these steps will most likely fix the issue, especially if you've been using the service.  If you are setting up service for the first time, please use the New Service Set Up form or call us at 833-4-LADYBUG.

1.Unplug the power supply and wait a few seconds for it to clear.

2.Plug the power supply back in and and allow the modem to rebuild the connection.  Remember, this does take several minutes, so be patient.

3.Open a web browser and click on a link. 

4.If it's still not connecting, double check the device hasn't changed position.  Sometimes just a small shift will affect the connection.  I know it sounds crazy, but play around with it and you'll see what I mean.  

If you are still experiencing issues, you can call us at 833-4-LADYBUG or you can send us a message here and we'll trouble shoot from this end.  Once we determine it's not the device, we'll escalate the issue to the carrier.

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