Welcome to Ladybug Wireless!


Let’s get your internet set up! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be surfing the net in no time!


1. To activate your service, please call us at 833-4-LADYBUG or text 940 531-1414.

2. Now let's unpack the device and attach the power cord.  For the Readynet LTE520, simply plug in the power on the back.  Please do not remove the sim card.  It's been installed and is programmed to work in this device. Please don't throw away the packaging until you know you're keeping it. 


For the Mikrotik LTE, use a small Phillips head screw driver to loosen the screw on the case and remove the cover.  Please do not remove the sim card, it's installed and programmed to work in this device.  Please do not remove any of the hole covers just yet. For the initial set up and trial period, let’s just attach the power cord to the device and leave the case cover off. (indoors only).  Please don't throw away any of the packaging until you're sure you're keeping the device & service.

3. Now the sim card is activated, let’s plug in the power and turn it on! Give it a few minutes to scan and build a connection to the tower.  This does actually take a few minutes, so be patient!

4. Connect your computer to the Ladybug Wireless network.  Your network ID and Password are located on the Quick Start guide in your box.   If you can't find them, call us at 833-4-LADYBUG and we'll help you recover/reset that information.

5. Next, open a web browser and start surfing.  If pages load slow, move the device around the house and test again. Upstairs if you have a second floor, is best. The better the connection to the tower, the faster the speeds.  Sometimes it only takes a very minor adjustment to strengthen/weaken the signal, so once you find a good spot, finesse it a bit to see if you can get it better.   If your house has metal roof or heat reflective materials, you may need an external antenna.  These materials are great for reducing utility costs, but they also reduce the ability to get a strong signal in your home. 

6. Now starts the 7 day trial period. If you are not 100% sure you are keeping the service, please do not mount the device or pop cover holes in the Mikrotik. It’s fine to use open (indoors only) while you try the service.  Do not toss any of the packaging, either, in case you wish to return the device and cancel service.  If you wish to cancel, please call us before the 7 day trial period is over.  See our full refund policy. We'll deactivate the sim and send you a shipping label so you can return it to us for a full refund.  Once you decide you’re keeping it, use the handy guide to mount it how you like. 

Thanks for choosing Ladybug Wireless.  We're thrilled to have you! 
If you have questions or need help, please don't hesitate to call us!