High Speed

Rural Internet

  • Downloads upto 60mbps

  • Uploads as high as 35mbps

  • Great for gaming!

  • Video Streaming!

  • Free Shipping!

  • No Contract!

$94.99 per month

What makes Ladybug Wireless the perfect choice for you and your family?

  • Woman Owned & Run-  Customer experience is priority one!

  • Independently Owned- Not a spin off of a large corporation!

  • Honest Sales Methods- We sell the truth, not the hype!  

  • Proud to be American-  Customer service is here in the USA!!!

The Showdown!




  • Up to 60mbps download!

  • Up to 30mbps upload!

  • Low Latency!

  • VPN Capable

  • Works in bad weather!

  • No Hard data Limits!

  • No Contracts!

  • Mobile! Take it anywhere!

  • No ugly dish on your house!

  • No Installation!

  • 94.99 per month!

  • Up to 25mbps download!

  • Up to 3mbps upload!

  • High Latency!

  • Not VPN Capable

  • Goes out in bad weather!

  • Hard data limits!

  • 24 month contract!

  • Stationary!

  • BIG ugly dish on your house!

  • Messy Installation!

  • 149.99 per month

       info from satelliteinternet.com

This isn't satellite...  it's better!

Labybug Wireless Business Solutions

We're so excited to announce we're officially offering Solutions for Rural Business!

Get all the big city technology without the big city attitude! 


Independently owned & operated right here in Rural Texas!