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Unleash Ladybug on 5g!!! 

  • Faster than 4g LTE*

  • Great in Urban Areas

  • Great for Gaming!

  • Great for Streaming!

*Must have 5g capable device.  Speeds vary based on plan, carrier/type of service, location and equipment.  We cannot guarantee speeds for this reason.

Our Mission!

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We're on a mission to humanize technology and bridge the digital divide, so whether you're a cowboy or a city slicker, we can hook you up!

Ladybug Wireless Blue Ladybug.png
Internet service at a goat farm in Rural Florida

Providing High Speed Internet in Rural America!

Not a tech whiz?  No problem.  At Ladybug Wireless, we do all the technical part so you can just sit back and enjoy the service!

We work hard to provide the best service possible at your location and you always get a live person who knows how to help you and will take the time to do so.

Photo provided by a customer in rural Florida

Why choose Ladybug Wireless?


Independently Owned!

Ladybug Wireless is not a spin off or owned by a larger company, but a small, independently owned business right here in rural Texas!


No bots!  Real humans!

Searching for answers is fun, but not when you're ready to toss your device through a window!  Get a real, live person to help you if you have issues!


Ladybug Tested & Approved!

We don't sell anything we haven't tested and wouldn't use in our own homes!  


Honest Sales Tactics!

We don't claim our services are "unlimited" and then hide the FU

(Fair Use) policy in the fine print! 


The Ladybug Story

About Us

A few years ago, I moved to rural Texas to take care of elderly parents.  I had lived my whole life in big cities, so it was a huge shock to me that I could not get decent internet.  After dealing with bad customer service, bad connections, drops and outages, I started searching for a better way, but there really was nothing else available.  So, I started Ladybug Wireless to provide reliable high speed internet to rural customers.  

                                                        READ MORE  

Providing internet to rural businesses

Ladybug Business

We are rural, so we understand rural business!


Our customers love our service!


Accessories you can use!

Network Accessories

Gadgets and accessories to help you get the most out of your internet service!

wilson directional yagi antenna_edited.jpg

Antenna Kits

Atennas help bring cellular signal into you home!

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