High Speed

Rural Internet

  • Downloads upto 60mbps

  • Uploads as high as 35mbps

  • Great for school!

  • Great for Work at Home!

  • Free Shipping!

  • No Contract!

$94.99 per month

Special note from the Ladybug Team: 


During the Covid 19 shut downs we're working hard to keep you connected, but we're running 10 business days to set up new service.   We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Also, our networks are strained beyond imagining, so we're asking everyone to please use repsonsibly!    

Our Mission Statement!

We're on a mission to humanize technology and bridge the digital divide, so whether your a cowboy or a city slicker, we can hook you up!

This ain't no bull!

Rural High Speed Internet is REAL!!!

Why choose Ladybug Wireless?

Independently Owned!

Ladybug Wireless is not a spin off or owned by a larger company, but independently owned and operated right here in rural Texas!

American Customer Service!

Language barriers are charming when you travel, not when you're ready to toss your device through a window!

Ladybug Tested & Approved!

We don't sell anything we haven't tested and wouldn't use in our own homes!

Honest Sales Tactics!

No high pressure gimmicks to get customers.  We offer a great service at a fair price and information so you can make the right decision for you!

Ladybug Cellular

Nationwide coverage on America's largest 5g network!


The Ladybug Story

A few years ago, I moved to rural Texas to take care of elderly parents.  I had lived my whole life in big cities, so it was a huge shock to me that I could not get decent internet.  After dealing with bad customer service, bad connections, drops and outages, I started searching for a better way, but there really was nothing else available.  So, I started Ladybug Wireless to provide reliable high speed internet to rural customers.  

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Ladybug Business

We are rural, so we understand rural business!

Our customers love our service!

Accessories you can use!

Network Accessories

Gadgets and accessories to help you get the most out of your internet service!

Cell Phone


Boosters help bring cellular signal into you home!