Ladybug Pink Tablet- Unlimited 4g Device Data

30 days of our awesome Tablet service!  


  • Unlimited high speed data on device

  • Unlimited Hotspot at 3G speeds

  • Gogo in-flight 1 hour (unlimited flights/sessions)

  • No Contract!

  • No Activation Fee!

  • No upcharge for 5g!


                                                                The dreaded fine print!!!!

*must have a 5g capable device.  *5g not available everywhere​.  *If you use more than 50 gigs of data, your data speeds may be slowed during times of congestion.  *Mobile Hotspot unlimited 3g speeds (up to 600 kbps).  


Sim Card kits go out regular first class mail.  Please allow up to 7 days to recieve. 

Ladybug Pink Tablet- Unlimited 4g Device Data

  • There is no refund policy for this service  because we don't know your device, if it's working, how it was set up, if it is approved by the carrier, imei hasn't been blacklisted, etc.   

    Please note:  This is one of the exceptions to our normal refund policy and as stated in the Terms fo Service, this exception over rides all other policies.