Total at check out includes 30 days of our awesome internet service and the sim card kit and all applicable taxes and fees.


Because no one should be stuck at home without the internet during this crisis, we're offering (for a limited time), Bring your own Modem service.    You must have a 4g LTE capable device.  Please note, we can not integrate third party devices into our management system, so we will not be able to see your device online, make firmware updates or change passwords.  You will be responsible for managing the device.  However, we are happy to help trouble shoot and all the other above and beyond customer service we're known for. =-)


Price includes your first month's service and a sim card kit.  


We ship sim card kits via USPS regular mail.  Please call us if you need expidited shipping.  ($20.00 expidited shipping)

Bring your own modem service

  • There is no refund policy for this service.  We're happy to check coverage, but we don't know your device, if it's working, how it was set up, etc.    We are happy try to help you set it up, though!   We want you to have service and be happy!


    Please note:  This is one of the exceptions to our normal refund policy and as stated in the Terms fo Service, this exception over rides all other policies.